Different Types of Electricians

Different Types of Electricians

Ever wondered what the key role is for an electrician(elektriker kristiansand)? Well, it is pretty simple. His or her job is to make sure that electrical current flow to electrical equipment and outlets in a reliable and safe manner. There are many other secondary roles depending on where the person works and the jobs available, but here are just a few:

New Construction
In this scenario, the electrician needs to work off of the blueprints created by the architect. Here, he will find information about where the various switches, outlets, lighting(belysning kristiansand) fixtures and circuit breakers should be positioned. He will then need to figure out how the wiring should run. The work includes the installation of conduits that will hold wiring and will also be responsible for connecting the said wires.

Industrial Electrician
When working in such a setting, the electrician will have several different roles to fill. He might be required to repair and install robotics if there is an automated production line. There may also be a need for knowledge in the repair of motors and generators. Rewiring systems, routine maintenance, and installation of equipment may also fall within the scope of work of the electrician.

Residential Electrician
This is an electrician who has specialized in electrical systems for residences. As a home begins to age, the wiring may become obsolete or defective, the circuit breakers may not be able to handle the demand of the various electrical requirements, may b the fuse box/sikringsskap kristiansand needs replacing, or the owner of the home may need to have additional outlets put in the home. If the home is being renovated, there may be a need to rewire the entire house or it may be a simple solution like switching from bog standard Light bulbs to LED Lights(led lys kristiansand).

Commercial Electrician
These ones tend to work in stores and offices. Most businesses today need to have computer equipment installed and the power requirements may demand new wiring. Many times, this kind of electrical professional will work closely with other professionals, such as technicians who want to install an alarm system, or the elevator installers.

It is clear that the opportunities for professionals in this industry are many. Many of them start by going to technical school so they can learn about local building codes, electrical theory, reading of blueprints and more. After that, they move on to serving an apprenticeship where they work under supervision before becoming journeyman electricians. It is only at this point that they are allowed to work without close supervision, as they seek to get their state license.